Use the Super 3 to Charge Up the New School Year

Plan, Do, Review is a habit or a formula for solving problems and making reflection part of our everyday life. While we often and do recommend introducing the Super 3 with younger students, the Super 3 works for learners and problem solvers of all ages as they wrestle with the tasks and challenges that face them every day. We often hear from motivational speakers, business gurus, and would-be life coaches that the key to leading a successful life lies in the commitments and habits that we form. We think that the Super 3 -- Plan, Do, Review -- are a core routine to help us persist, commit, and take on new challenges. When students see school leaders, classroom teachers, and teacher-librarians using the language of the Super 3 to solve problems they can begin to see how they too can use these three simple stages to focus their efforts.

As you begin a new school year, consider how this simple approach can help students be ready to learn and take charge of their progress.

Quick Idea: Create a 3-column graphic organizer with Google docs, a notebook, or folder with loose-leaf paper. Title each column with Plan, Do, Review. At the start of class, ask students to write down their Plan for the day or lesson in the Plan column. As they progress through the work, ask them to jot/draw/outline what they accomplished in the Do column. At the end of the lesson or activity, save time for students to Review by answering questions about what they were most happy with and what they want to improve for next time.

The Big 6 is the expanded view, and the Little 12 can help diagnose where our process breaks down and needs attention, but Plan, Do, Review is the every day and every way means to developing a problem solving habit that every learner can count on.